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The Warren Boy: Separating Fact from Fiction

There is a story that has been circulating for years, and tells of a boy named Jerry Warren who allegedly murdered his parents before setting their house on fire. The tale has become so widely known that it has become part of popular folklore, with many people accepting the story as fact. However, the truth is far more complicated than the rumours would suggest.

According to the true story, Jerry’s father Alfred was a violent alcoholic who regularly beat his son. Jerry’s mother, Wilfred, witnessed these beatings but was unable to stop them. On the night in question, Alfred had beaten both Jerry and Wilfred particularly badly. While Alfred was kicking and punching Jerry, Wilfred was propped up against the cupboards, badly beaten and bleeding from a head wound.

As Jerry was being beaten, he remembered a pocket knife that his father had given him earlier in the evening. Jerry reached into his pocket and pulled out the knife, using it to defend himself against his father’s blows. Alfred was taken aback by the unexpected resistance and moved closer to Wilfred. Wilfred had found a renewed strength and threw herself at her husband. Her weight knocked him off balance, and with her last breath, she helped her son. As Alfred fell, he hit his head on the kitchenette.

Jerry stabbed his father 47 times in a fit of rage.

The true story of the Warren family is far different from the popular myth that has grown up around it. Rather than a crazed and psychotic killer, Jerry was a victim of a violent and abusive father. It is important to remember that the truth is often more complicated than the stories that we tell ourselves, and that it is important to look beyond the surface to understand what really happened. In the case of the Warren family, the truth is tragic and heart-breaking, but it is also an important reminder of the dangers of violence and abuse.


This is not an elephant. This is a drawing of an elephant.


The darkness from which Death emerges echoes the tap tap tapping of his steel cap boots on the wooden floor…